Quantum adoption timeframe

Cloud providers appear to be drifting slowly toward Quantum, but not everyone is waiting.

“The most aggressive deployers of OpenStack — service providers like Rackspace and enterprises like eBay — have been running Quantum since the OpenStack Essex release in early 2012,” said Dan Wendlendt, team lead for the OpenStack Quantum project and VMware’s senior product line manager in the Networking and Security Business Unit.

New updates are issued about every six months, and with its latest release “Folsom” in late 2012, Quantum became a core supported OpenStack project. At that time, Wendlendt saw a huge jump in the number of organizations evaluating it.

“The increased interest is due to the fact that more people have now stood up basic OpenStack, only to realize that limitations in traditional networking technologies are preventing them from building the rich enterprise cloud offering they need,” Wendlendt said. “I expect many of these Quantum trial deployments to turn into production deployments during mid to late 2013.”