NIT Students

“Vimal sir is very nice trainer. I didn’t know anything about openstack before this training program, but sir give training so well that I think I am good enough how in openstack. Vimal sir has good skill of teaching & will surely hope to get more training from him.“
– Dhrav Joshi,MIT(M.P)

“Overall teaching was good. Delivery of content of course is properly done. Provides Extra- point to enhance our Knowledge, activities are held to enhance our skill”

Prince Kumar,  HIT, Halidia

“Vimal sir is an inspiring & awesome Personality. The entire concept in context with course is properly taught and fully understandable. Learning with Vimal sir is very simple and all big and advance concepts are solving in simple manner”

Navdeep, NIT Patna

“Openstack program conducted by Vimal sir was awesome one of the most interesting program conducted, Sir delivered the contents very smoothly and easily that openstack seemed to be very easy and interesting.”

Kumar Shivam NIT,Patna

“Vimal Sir was excellent. The way he trained us was great and it become very much easy to implement things after the classes. He discusses our project with us are helped us whenever we are not clear about our Project.’

Md. Sahin Abmed,  NIT Agartala