Using OpenStack Quantum

Like many new technologies driven by open source communities, both OpenStack Quantum and SDN are still highly complex.

“This complexity needs to be simplified by making it as friendly to install as possible,” Salisbury said, although he describes the advanced services — such as load balancing– that can be provisioned out with Quantum as “quite impressive.”

Quantum also enables flexibility and elasticity for cloud computing, according to Laurent Lachal, senior analyst at Ovum. “Quantum aims to turn network assets into on-demand resources that can be dynamically provisioned the same way compute and storage resources are,” he said.

Users can also orchestrate network security resources such as intrusion detection systems via Quantum — something e-commerce, finance and health care applications require to proactively monitor and detect security breaches. “It’s extremely important to have all of these rich networking capabilities that let you network hardware yourself, manage it without intervention, put it all into software and create a standard framework around it,” Bryce said.